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4 simple actions to become NOAH’s ambassador

Each and every one of you is invited to be an ambassador of NOAH. Together, we will turn our vision to reality and create a more compassionate and just society for animals and people alike.

Unfortunately, too many people do not see or do not want to see the suffering of an injured or sick cat on the street.


Too many people do not see that animals in a petting zoo do not enjoy being pet and suffer from neglect and even abuse.  


Too many people do not see the suffering of a dog tied up all day in a yard without proper shelter, water and food.


Too many people choose to ignore the hedgehog or bat who lives in an area that is going to be demolished.


Mazel Tov! You are in the minority because you care and see the animals in need and their suffering.


In most cases, you are the only one who can help and save them.

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Help us to make a difference!

Sign up to volunteer

Thank you!

I agree to give my email address to NOAH, the Israeli Federation of Animal Protection Societies (NOAH). I know that I am not under any legal obligation to provide my email address to NOAH and that upon receiving any mail I can remove my details from the mailing list at any time.

I agree that the details I provided above will be used for sending direct mail by the association - information and/or advertising by email, the database number 81462

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