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We are NOAH

NOAH the Israeli Federation of Animal Protection Societies (NOAH) is an Israeli registered non-profit organization with a ‘proper management’ approval from the Israeli Association's Register. 

NOAH is an 'Animal protection Organization' as defined in The Animal Welfare (Animal Protection) Law (Tzaar Baaley Haim Law), which gives it the statutory authority to enforce the law.

NOAH is run solely by volunteers dedicated to protecting animals. We do not have any paid staff or offices.

Our focus is on using the legal system to defend animals. 

Our main goal is to promote stricter enforcement of the Animal Welfare (Animal Protection) Law, and stronger penalties against animal abusers. 

In addition, we promote, educate, and increase public awareness for proper treament and care of animals with compassion.

NOAH is a federation of most small Israeli animal welfare charities.

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Our Core Belief

We believe that animals deserve to live free from suffering and mistreatment, and that the people who take care of them have a basic right to personal security

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge of the laws and rights of animals and the people who take care of them, combined with proper conduct with the enforcement authorities, are the cornerstone for the effective ability to protect animals

It All Starts With Education

To successfully shift the public’s approach to animals to become a more compassionate one, information and education about animals' feelings, including joy, love, sorrow, and suffering, must be made accessible to people of all ages

Zero Tolerance

Strong enforcement by law enforcement authorities and strict punishment of animal abusers will create a deterrent force and increase the personal security of the citizens

Our History

NOAH the Israeli Federation of Animal Protection Societies (NOAH) was established in 1993 as an umbrella organization for Israeli animal welfare non-profit associations.


In 1994, NOAH, in cooperation with members of the Knesset (the Israeli legislature), ministries, and governmental bodies, initiated and passed The Animal Welfare (Animal Protection) Law, 1994, which is the main law regulating the treatment of animals in Israel.


Throughout the years, NOAH continues to participate in changing the legal landscape of animal protection. NOAH has led legal action and participated by providing guidance to help shape decisions made in the field, for example in 2001 NOAH successfully petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court to outlaw the cruel practice of force-feeding geese. The case was won, putting an end to geese force-feedingin Israel.


NOAH took part in the development of a government policy as well as landmarks pertaining to animal welfare and protection. One such milestone was the official procedure for treating stray cats that was drafted and released by the Ministry of Agriculture in compliance with a Supreme Court decision (case number 4884/00). This procedure creates clear and strict rules for authorized veterinarians on handling nuisance complaints about community cats. 


NOAH also participated in an inter-ministerial committee to increase the enforcement and sentencing of animal abusers, as per the order by the Attorney General of Israel, at the time, Adv. Yehuda Weinstein. Following the committee's conclusions, the Attorney General of Israel issued an order to the prosecutor's office demanding them to seek harsher punishments and appeal excessively light sentences to higher courts.


Another milestone is the long struggle that NOAH led to end the Ministry of Construction and Housing's legal ban on elderly citizens to bring their pets along when moving into public housing developments.


Among NOAH’s activities is also the coordination of activities of its member animal welfare organizations and speaking on their behalf in matters that fall under the jurisdiction of government ministries and local authorities.


These days, NOAH is taking part in helping animals that were effected on October 7, 2023.

Help us make a difference for animals

Noah NGO is a "public institution” through section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance for Tax Deduction

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