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The dog is man's best friend, is it also the opposite?

According to the studies, dogs evolved from wolves and were mainly used for hunting and guarding the house and the herd. In the Land of Israel domesticated dogs were kept as early as 15,000 years ago, according to dog burials and other remains of them found at various archaeological sites. Throughout history, humans have developed different breeds of dogs according to needs and have also improved genetic deformities for aesthetic purposes. This is how breeds were created that were unable to survive in the wild (such as tiny dogs, hairless dogs and more).
Black Dog

From the establishment of the National Center for Dog Registration in the Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Agriculture, about 15 years ago, until 2019, over 943,140 dogs were registered, of which 496,538 dogs live with their owners. ​ Although according to the data of the National Center for Chip Registration as of 2019 only 70.8% of females are spayed and 54.7% of males are neutered, however it is important to remember how important it is to spay and neuter the dogs, mainly for reasons of animal cruelty:

Every year tens of thousands of dogs are killed in Israel, additional litters lead to abandonment, suffering and many times to the death of the animal.

Tying Dogs

כלב קשור עם חבל

Most of the complaints that reach us regarding dogs deal with the issue of tying up dogs instead of holding them continuously for most of the day.


​ ​ ​ ​

Article 8 of Animal Cruelty Regulations (Protection of Animals) (holding for non-agricultural purposes), 2009-2009 deals with tethering an animal and states that:


(a) A person shall not tie an animal if there is a real possibility that the manner of tying him will cause damage to his body or health.

(b) A person shall not tie an animal with a choke collar unless the collar is attached to a leash that is held by a person.

(c) A person shall not tie an animal except a dog to its place in its permanent holding place or for a time exceeding five consecutive hours unless the provisions of regulation 4 or 5 have been met with the required changes as the case may be.

(d) A person shall not tie a dog to its place in its permanent holding or for a time exceeding five consecutive hours unless all of the following have been met:


​      (1) the area at his disposal is at least 16 square meters and is free of objects that the dog's leash might get tangled in;

      (2) the length of the means of tying is not less than one and a half meters and the manner of tying allows the dog to roam throughout the area mentioned in paragraph

(1); Clarification: running cable option.

     (3) the dog has free access to a clean shelter, protected from the sun, wind and rain where it lays; If the deposit is made of concrete or metal, thermal insulation will be placed on it;


      (4) the dog has free access to a shaded space whose area is not less than three square meters; In calculating the area of ​​such a space, the area of ​​a kennel will not be included.


(e) shall not tie a person with an animal to its place in its permanent holding without a break for physical activity; For the purposes of this paragraph, "physical activity" - going for a walk or letting the animal out in the yard.



In addition to the above, in accordance with the regulations:

  • The place should be ventilated. ​​

  • The dog must not be exposed to climate and lighting conditions that are not suitable for its type. ​ If the dog needs heating, cooling, exposure to sunlight - it must be provided. ​

  • The place where the dog is kept must be clean, without body secretions (feces or urine). ​

  • In the place where the dog is kept, there should be dishes with food suitable for the type and age of the dog and drinking water.

  • The dishes, food and water must be clean and fresh. ​

  • The dog must be provided with food and drink in the amount and frequency appropriate to the dog's type, sex, age and health condition.

  • The food should be fresh and not spoiled, poisoned or moldy. ​​

  • The drinking water should be clean and close to the dog

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