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Noah the Israeli Federation NGO 

Our Vision 

We believe that animals have a basic right to well-being and a life without any suffering, and people who take care of animals have a right to personal safety. 

We believe that a strong gatekeeper is needed when it comes to legal protection of animals, and we are here to protect the animals and the people who care for them, so that all animals and their keepers are protected and will live a life free of fear or abuse!

Our vision is to make a significant change in the field of animal protection, forcing authorities to enforce the law, educating and raising public awareness, putting pressure on decision makers, on the government and law enforcement agencies to promote these issues.


Who we are

Noah is a registered Non-Profit Organization (580235836) with Proper Management Certification.

Noah is an "Animal Welfare Organization" as defined in the Animal Welfare Act (Animal Protection)  and has statutory status to enforce the law.

What we do

Noah deals with "non-sexy" issues and puts the emphasize on problems related to animals and seniors, immigrants, disadvantaged people etc.

Noah is mostly focused on promoting protection of animals and people who take care of them

Image by Lukáš Vaňátko

Your donation can save lives

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