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What we do

Noah deals with "non-sexy" issues and puts the emphasize on problems related to animals and seniors, immigrants, disadvantaged people etc. Noah is mostly focused on promoting the protection of animals and promoting animal welfare and the protection of the people who take care of them. This goal is achieved by the following main activities:

1.     Educating and raising public awareness to recognize situations of abuse and neglect, what to do, how to report to authorities, conducting public seminars and animal rights and welfare conferences, and publishing publications on these issues

2.    Assisting and guiding citizens who encounter animal abuse or neglect, providing legal representation, assisting in filing police reports, filing appeals when the police closes complaints (which is sadly in many cases), and forcing the police to properly investigate cases of abuse and neglect, assaults and threats against animals and their care-givers.

3.    Public social media campaigns against abandonment, cruelty, neglect, and the importance of neuter and spay

4.     Promoting animal protection in the legal field by filing appeals  and requests to the courts, joining legal proceedings as a `Friend of the Court’. 

5.     Promoting legislative changes, bills and participating in Knesset committees and other government forms.

6.   Mediating disputes between cat care-givers and neighbors or employers who are opposed to feeding them, in order to avoid harm to the community cats. We guide and assist the sides in choosing the correct feeding place, the proper way of feeding, as well as providing techniques to best take care of the community cats with emphasize on spay and neuter.

7.      Ongoing TNR programs in problematic locations and communities where there is an imminent danger to community cats.

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