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Our major achievements

1.    Following an appeal filed by Noah, the Supreme Court of Israel decided to ban geese force feeding (foie gras industry ban)

2.   Representation of Noah members in the Ministry of Agriculture committee, which determined the protocol of procedure regarding nuisance caused by community cats, following a Supreme Court verdict.

3.     Prevention of euthanasia of 120 cats and dogs seized by the Ministry of Agriculture from Girgurim NGO after some of them were diagnosed as carriers of the parasite causing Leishmania Infantum disease and exporting all animals to Canada for adoption.

5.      Abolishing the legal prohibition on elderly residents from taking their pets with them when moving into public housing projects.  

6.      An injunction order against Dr. Dushnik, a veterinarian suspected of abusing thousands of community cats during sterilization and neutering for local authorities. 

7.     Following a petition filed by Noah to the District Court, the Israeli Electrical Company was forced to reveal  all the information required by Noah regarding treatment of community cats on their sites. This led to positive changes in TNR and official permission to feed  the cats on all sites

עמותת נח
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