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Noah Federation NGO was founded in 1993 by several non profit organizations. Immediately afterwards, in 1994, Noah Federation, in cooperation with Knesset members and the Israeli government, initiated and passed the Animal Welfare ( Animal Protection) Act, 1994. Throughout the years, Noah continues to participate in the drafting of regulations, legislative amendments and decisions in the government committees, in the Knesset and in other forms dealing with these matters.

Noah Federation is a Israeli  registered non-profit organization. Noah  has proper management approval from the Association's Register and is also an "animal welfare organization" approved by the Minister of Agriculture in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act (Animal Protection), and has statutory status that allows Noah to file requests for injunctions against violators of the provisions of the Animal Welfare Act (Animal Protection) and regulations.

Noah also constitutes as the umbrella organization for most of Israel's small animal welfare associations, total membership  24 non-profit organizations. The association has no employees, and the committee members, the audit committee members and Secretary General are all volunteers who do not receive any salaries or any other consideration. Noah holds no offices and uses meeting rooms and offices of other associations in order to cut costs so all finances are invested directly to Noah's main activity's and go directly to help the animals.

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